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How to incorporate a company in China



Author: Lawman Tseng

Since the new foreign investment law is about to become effective from January 1st, 2020, company registering department in China applies a more foreign friendly measures for foreign investors to invest the industries not listed in negative list, especially in Shenzhen, where reduces the supporting materials as less as possible.

Here follows a list of materials required by the authority:

1. Application form. Such form requests the applicant to provide information of investors and company about to be incorporated.

2. Certificate of investors. All shareholders, if they are dually registered entities overseas, the company files and files indicating the directors who are able represent the company shall be notarized by a local notary and verified by Chinese embassy.

3. Appointment letter for senior officers of the company and Identities papers (Such as passports).

4. Article of associations which is approved by the authority. The authority will only accept such documents in accordance with Chinese laws.


Besides that, the authority may request the applicant to provide evidences or certificates in relation to the information provided in the form, such as the address. It is not encouraged to incorporate a shell company without physical address or 0 employee in China, even thought it is not specifically written in the laws.

A company using the virtual address will be heavily fined and left with a negative record if the authority finds out

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