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Foreigners taking drugs in China deported by police



Author: Lawman Tseng

An expat, last , got caught for taking marijuana and later received penalties of a five days detention and a deportation. She is known without 三非 [Illegal entrance, illegal working and overstaying]issues, which, any of them consists a statutory causation to deport a foreigner.


Why does she get deported?

According to the Security Laws or Regulations, a law between civil and criminal and it is called administrative, any foreigners may, not necessarily, get deported for violating such law. The decision is made solely by the police station where the immigration department is considered as a branch under it.

In her case, the police deported her fully under the discretion. To my knowledge, in the past, drug takers were detained for a maximum of fifteen days without further deportation if they have no 三非 issues. 


Such decision appealable?

Yes, the decision could be appealed to a higher authority, either the higher police station or the government, or brought to a court.

File an appeal if the police were not in due procedure or the penalty is too serious. However, an appeal will not suspend the enforcement of such decisions.


Acts foibideened in China

It is a wide range, from a bar fight to prostitute acts or even sending insulting or threatening messages to someone, generally any acts that may harm the public security or create disorder of society.



As many foreigners who have lived in China for a long time may know, at the end of each year, the police will have a raid on foreigners due to the underachieved KPI, so do not contribute on this.

More importantly, stay away from drugs. Do not believe that the police have no ideas about who are the drug dealers and how they distribute. Ask anyone who got caught before, they might be still wondering. 









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